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Just like your car, your body needs routine maintenance! You’ll discover hundreds of simple tips and tricks on what you can do in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s to keep yourself looking and feeling young!
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This daily age eraser takes just 2 seconds: Step on the scale every morning. Studies show that people who weigh themselves are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Get firm faster with the top 10 yoga poses for women. See page 50 of Age Erasers for Women, or click here now.

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ow do some women stay so young (and make it look so easy)?
It’s simple: They know the secrets of
Age Erasers! For the past 5 years the editors of Women’s Health magazine have interviewed the top doctors, dermatologists, personal trainers, nutritionists, and more — all with one goal in mind: to help you better understand your own body now and through the years.

And it’s all right here in Age Erasers for Women — the revolutionary new plan to strip away 10 years or more! You’ll discover the secret science of looking, feeling, and staying young forever. Consider it your guide to staying younger longer. You’ll see how to defy the decades while looking as toned, athletic, vital, and sexy as you feel. You’ll discover:

Gravity proof your curves! • The only lab-tested product proven to combat wrinkles!
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The 10 style mistakes that instantly age you!
The 4-minute meal that will keep your arms from sagging!
The secret to gravity-proof your curves
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