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  Just like your car, your body needs routine maintenance! You’ll discover hundreds of simple tips and tricks on what you can do in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s to keep yourself looking and feeling young!
  Discover age defying tricks!
    Tough day! Add garlic to your meal and keep stress from boiling over! While researching the connection between garlic and heart health, scientists have discovered that digesting garlic’s main ingredient, organosulfur allicin, produces hydrogen sulfide, which relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow. Bring on the garlic bread! You’ll find 9 more “Sighs of Relief” on page 184 of Age Erasers for Women.
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Kick your ticker into high gear with the ultimate
heart-health workout, page 280.
10 deadly foods your heart doc won?t touch.
List, page 296
Jump-start your memory with these instant brain boosters, page 168.
Add these 20 seafood lifesavers to your menu,
page 292.
Power prescription: 8 doctor-recommended steps for a healthy heart, page 270.
Surprise! 5 unexpected heart attack signs every
woman needs to know, page 277.
Timing matters—give your heart a better workout at
the right time of day, page 278.
8 fun-and-functional brain games to make you
smarter, page 166.
Deflate breast cancer with 6 simple habits that can
save your life, page 149.
Give your heart a hand! 5 easy ways to lower your
heart rate, page 284.
Are you eating the 10 best-ever foods for your ticker? See page 286.
Boost your brain with these everyday tips for a sharper mind, page 170.
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