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  Just like your car, your body needs routine maintenance! You’ll discover hundreds of simple tips and tricks on what you can do in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s to keep yourself looking and feeling young!
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Getting older may be inevitable, but looking older is definitely optional! Try these 10 amazing beauty and skin solutions to subtract years from your appearance in a matter of weeks:
Stomp out crow’s-feet with the no-needle Botox alternative on page 70.
Enjoy plump, kissable lips with the crunchy nut on
page 20.
Go from frazzled to fabulous in 60 seconds!
Time-saving makeup tricks, page 315.
Save face the delicious way with mango salsa!
Recipe, page 27.
Indulge NOW! The best time of year to get a facial
(and other spa treatments), page 312.
Look younger, longer thanks to the 6-step wrinkle protection plan on page 63.
Maximize the results of peels, resurfacing, fillers, and more! Dermatologist’s top advice, page 67.
10 instant sighs of relief (including chocolate!) that banish stress lines for good, page 184.
Wake up tired eyes with the shadow trick on page 306.
Inject moisture from the inside out with the gourmet pesto recipe on page 18.
And much more!
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